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Marine Communication
MF/HF Antenna Systems
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HD MF Professional high wind survival NDB system for helidecks on offshore platforms and buildings
100 MF for professional high wind survival on land and offshore platforms
100 Series for GMDSS large ocean going vessels over 50m (170ft)
80 Series for GMDSS ocean-going vessels where a 10m (32.8ft) antenna is not suitable
29W High performance for trawlers, smaller trading and pleasure craft over 18m (60ft) not subject to cyclonic conditions
23 Series high wind survival for vessels over 18m (60ft)
23L/D Versatile local area and distance communications for vessels over 18m (60ft)
HF FB3-30 Compact efficient HF broadband shipboard antenna for medium range communications for vessels over 12m (40ft) - NO ATU
22W High performance for planing hull vessels, pleasure craft and vessels over 10.m (34.5ft) and high speed vessels over 18m (60ft)
18 Series High performance for larger yachts, pleasure craft and smaller trading craft over 8.8m (29ft)
15 Series High performance for smaller and high speed vessels over 5.5m (18ft) and emergency removal antenna
12 Series Compact performance for yachts, trailed and high speed craft under 5.5m (18ft) and emergency removable antenna





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