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25th May 2009 - Specialist electronics package for MV Mararoa

In choosing the electronics package for the MV Mararoa, Meridian and Q-West were mindful of the fact that the vessel would be operating in a remote location and that the equipment solution offered must be robust, extremely reliable and easy to operate with, where possible, full system backup. 

Founded in 1989, Cetronics Systems Ltd. has gained an excellent reputation for supplying integrated solutions to commercial vessels and larger leisure vessels utilising equipment from their international and local suppliers. Based on this reputation Cetronics Systems Ltd. were selected by Meridian and Q-West as the primary equipment supplier and system integrator.

For the MV Mararoa Cetronics Systems Ltd. installed two Koden radars; an MDC 1840BB 48nm, 4kW, 3ft Open Scanner Black Box Radar with a 17” Colour Display as the primary radar and an MDC 1041, 10.4” Colour LCD, 36nm, 4kW 2ft Radome Radar as the secondary radar. The large screen on the Koden MDC 1840BB primary radar, combined with Koden’s superior signal processing techniques, resulted in an outstanding clear image with the ability to detect even semi-submerged logs close to the banks in the Whanganui River. The MDC 1041 Radar also has a split screen dual PPI mode enabling two radar images on different ranges to be displayed on the one screen. This allowed both close in targets and long range targets to be displayed at the same time with outstanding target definition and clarity.

The navigation package includes a computer based plotting package displayed in the wheelhouse on a second 17” colour Display.  The GPS input for the computer based plotter was provided by a Koden KGP 913 GPS.  This unit has its own LCD display thus providing backup for the computer system in the unlikely event of computer failure. The final element to the navigation system is the Koden CVS 833 1kW dual frequency echo sounder providing a clear graphical and numerical indication of the depth under the keel.

For communications the MV Mararoa is fitted with a Standard Horizon VHF and Moonraker Antenna system with Cellphone communications being provided by an OceanCell system with a Moonraker CEL800 antenna system providing extended cellphone coverage essential for a vessel that will be operating in the remote Fiordland lakes.

There is a closed circuit TV monitor mounted on the bridge providing the skipper with up to the minute information from cameras mounted in the engine room and on the aft deck. The helm is also fitted with  a noise cancelling microphone to enable the vessel skipper to make announcements over the PA systems both outside and inside the vessel. This allows important safety announcements as well as clear communication with the passengers and crew.

When it came to the entertainment system Merdian wished to ensure that the vessel could not only be used to entertain the passengers during their voyage, but also keep them up to date with the vessels position and display the navigation equipment in the main cabin. In addition to this it was important that system supplied be flexible enough to allow the main cabin to be used for meetings and conferences with a fully integrated computer connection station and a wireless microphone system.

The system provided by Cetronics Systems Ltd. met and exceeded Meridian’s and Q-West’s expectations with video feeds being processed and switched using Kramer signal processing equipment. This enabled video from a DVD player, a presenter’s computer, the main plotting computer and the primary radar all to be displayed on one 40” LCD Screen and two further 20” LCD screens in the main cabin.  The audio system is based around Australian Monitor amplifiers and mixers with special attention to feedback elimination when using the wireless microphone system.  The audio is fed from the DVD player, CD player, AM/FM Radio and wireless microphone throughout the main cabin and deck areas with the ability to control the volumes and audio content to different zones within the main cabin and on deck giving ultimate control over audio content and volume.






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